This section houses any documents you purchase through BoardPackager. You may also add documents from your personal archives to include here.

Upload Documents 

Upload documents into the drop zone to include them in your Library.

Search Documents

Search through all documents.

Filter Documents

Use the arrows in the column headings to Filter your documents by Date, Title, Type, Expiration Date, or Source. 

Edit, Download, or Delete Documents

Under the Actions column, you are able to Edit some document details, Download the document, or Delete it from your Library.

Please note: Deleting documents from your Library will not remove them from within any Applications you may have previously included it. 

Add Documents to Applications

The Library can also be used to source documents to add to any Application.

Within an individual Requirement, select the Upload button to bring up a document drop zone and your Library search bar that permits you to search through your documents.

Select Attach next to each file you'd like to attach to the Application.