There are several ways Communication works in BoardPackager.

    • Requirement Instructions

       Your Broker will have left you instructions how to fill out, sign, and/or upload documentation.   

    • Emails

    • Comments

    • Status

    • Activity Feed


You’ll receive an email for the following:

    • When your Broker shares the Application with you

    • When your Broker or another Deal Participant comments directly to you.

    • When your Broker has reviewed and accepted all Application Requirements.

    • When you are asked to Authorize Fees. 

    • When your Fees have been collected. 


Within each Requirement, there’s a Comment icon. You may create a new comment here, or read comments left for you. 

Adding a Comment

Select the Add [] to direct your message to the appropriate person. A drop-down menu will appear of all participants with whom you may communicate through BoardPackager.

Select the appropriate party, then type your message. 

Once you’ve typed your message, select Post. 

Please note: You cannot make comments until you have selected the person you’d like to address.

Reading a Comment

When Comments have been made, the icon turns fully grey. When there are unread comments, the number of unread comments appears in an orange circle atop the icon. Click the icon to read the Comments.


The Status gives you a time-stamped update of each Application milestone.

Please note: The final decision on your application will be communicated to you by your broker.  These updates are computer-generated and cannot be altered by you or your Broker.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed at the top of your Dashboard keeps a running tally of all activity on your Application. Click on the orange type within any line item to be brought to the Application.