Here you can learn about filling out forms and working with documents in BoardPackager.

Fill In

After selecting Fill In and Sign on a Requirement, you will be brought to the individual form.

On the right sidebar, select Fill In.

• Place your cursor in any field to complete the form.

• You may tab from field to field, or select a new field with your mouse/cursor.


• Select the Sign & Edit button on the right sidebar.

• A list of tools will appear below on the right sidebar, select Sign.

• Then click anywhere on the document to sign.

• Use your mouse to create a digital signature in the space provided.

• Click OK. Your signature will appear on the page.

• Use your mouse to place it in the appropriate spot with the directional arrows on the left side of the box.

• Use the X on the right to delete/start over.


Overlay Text

Select the Overlay Text button on the right sidebar, then click on the document.

Enter the additional text in the box that appears. 

Choose font, size and color. Use bold or italics as needed.


Adjust placement of additional text by clicking and dragging the box using the directional arrows.

To revise, double click on the box outlined in orange to bring up the editing tools. The orange box will not appear on final documents.


Select this tool to highlight, then click and drag on the section you’d like to highlight. 

X out to remove.


• Select this tool to redact information. 

Click and drag over the section you need to redact. 

• X out to remove. 

You may choose to redact in either black or white with the buttons that appear below.

Back to Package

• Select this to go back to the Requirements tab in the Package view.

Requirements Navigator

At the top of any Form within Requirements there is a Form Selector.

Toggle between the Requirements using the arrows.

Use the Down arrow [] in order to toggle between multiple forms within a single Requirement.

Generate Preview

If you'd like to Preview the Application Package template you've just created before sharing it with your clients, you must first select the Accept & Lock for each Requirement. After you've done so, select the Generate Package button to generate an on-screen preview of the application package in its current state.

Please note: Re-select Accepted & Locked for each Requirement to Unlock before sharing with other Deal Parties to complete the Application.