Select the Comment icon in order to make a comment. Recipients will be notified by email and there will be an indicator of a new comment within their Requirement view.

Adding Comments

• Select the Add [] to direct your message to the appropriate person. A dropdown menu will appear of all participants who’ve been added to the application package.

• Select the addressee(s) from the drop down menu. You may send the same message to more than one person by selecting additional recipients, then type your message. Each user will only see the direct communication between you. Each user selected will be displayed above the comment box. 

• Once you’ve typed your message, select Post.

• To reply to a comment, select the reply icon [] next to the originator’s name

Once your comment has been posted, it will appear in a thread that includes the name of the addressee and commenter along with a time and date stamp.

Please note: You cannot make comments until you have shared the package with other Deal Parties.

Reading a Comment

When Comments have been made, the icon turns fully grey. When there are unread comments, the number of unread comments appears in an orange circle atop the icon. Click the icon to read the Comments.