Once the package has been generated, you will see several new buttons appear where the Generated Package button once resided.  


The Update Package button allows for you to make changes to your package and update the final digital application package so your Package Processor can see the changes on their end.  

In order to make a change to the package, you would need to click on the Finished button for the respective requirement, so that it moves the button to the Reviewing position, and proceed to make any changes necessary.  

Once you've made all the necessary changes, you can click on the Reviewing button and that will move the button to the Finished position, and the Update Package will be activated.

You can now click on the Update Package button so the new changes are reflected in the final digital application package.  

Keep in mind, this will be the protocol when the Package Processor requests that corrections be made to your package.  You do not need to resubmit the package as it is already submitted.  You will just need to make the corrections and update the package for the Package Processor to see the corrections on their end.

 The View and Print button allows you to open the full digital application package so that you can review it in it's final form at any time.


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