Board members receive an email indicating there is an Application to review. 

Log in to BoardPackager to view the Application.

From your Dashboard, choose Get Started to open a previously unopened package or Open to re-open one. You'll be brought directly to the BoardPackager PDF viewer. 

Application Review

Hover over the title page in order to see tools such as page count, rotate page, download, print, and bookmarks.

Page Count

In the page count, you may type in the number of page you’d like to view. It launches on page 1.

Rotate Page

Click on this to rotate the page view should you need to.


Download the document to your own computer by selecting this button.


Select the Printer icon in order to print the document. This will bring up the web browser’s print driver.


Selecting this button will display a drop-down menu with each bookmarked section for easy navigation.

Jump to any section you need to by selecting it from the menu.

Please note: Bookmarks may not work if you're not using Google Chrome as your browser.

Viewing Options

Use these icons to view the document smaller, larger, or have a full page fit within the screen.

View Full Screen

Selecting this button will give you the same functionality, but with a larger view. 

Please note: You should communicate your final decision with your Property Manager or Transfer Agent.


You may comment to the administrative processor of the application package by selecting Comment icon below the PDF viewer.

Select the Add User button [] to locate the name of the processor.

Select the name, then type your message. When you're satisfied with your message, select Post.