My Account houses your personal information such as payment information, purchase history, and your password.

My Info

  Enter your contact information into this tab such as license number if you're a broker, address, phone number, email address, and professional affiliation.

Payment Information

  Manage your payment information on this screen. Previously used payment card information is listed here. Select Add New to add an additional payment card. Select Remove to delete one you've used before.


  On the Privacy tab, you may add Multi-Factor Authentication or change your Password.

        MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

        To use this feature, you must install the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. 

        You can find instructions and a link to the app here.

        1. Open the Google Authenticator on your phone, select the plus icon, and choose Scan Barcode.

        2. Use your phone to Scan the QR code found within the Privacy section of BoardPackager.

        3. Within BoardPackager, check off Require 2 Factor Authentication for Log In and select update.

        Use the Google Authenticator app to retrieve the code you'll be asked to enter for future logins.

     Change Password

        Update your password in the Change Password section of Privacy.

Purchase History

  This section will list all the purchases you've made through BoardPackager such Building Documents, Building Fees, and Submission Fees. 


  This section is under construction for now.


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