This is a quick overview of the icons BoardPackager you may see on the Requirements tab and what they mean. To learn more about completing forms and working with documents, please visit this article.

Edit Requirements

Select this button to customize, explain, or re-order Requirements.


Re-Order Requirements 

In the Edit Requirements view, click the orange directional arrows to drag any Requirement to a new location.

Deleting Requirements

In the Edit Requirements view, use the to delete a Requirement from the package.

Please note: Presently, this feature is only available for custom application packages.


Rename Requirements

In the Edit Requirements view, place your cursor in the box containing the name of the Requirement.

Select the copy to delete. Enter the text you want to display instead.


Add Instructions

• In the Edit Requirements view, place your cursor in the box containing the Requirement Instructions to add, amend, or delete the pre-set instructions.

Adding New Requirements

In the Edit Requirements view, select in the right-hand side bar

A new Requirement card will appear after the pre-set Requirements.

Enter the Requirement title and instructions in the new Requirement.

Select if you've created a Requirement in error to delete.

Select Save to go back to the Requirements view. 


Upload Documents

Select the Upload button within any Requirement to upload additional documents to the Requirement to bring up a document drop zone.


From this window, drag and drop documents from your computer or select the Attach button next to one from your Library.  

You may also drag a document from your computer to the icon and it will upload the document directly. 

Please note: BoardPackager cannot accept password-protected documents at this time. Please remove any password protection before uploading to the system. If you'd like more information about how to remove passwords from documents, please see our Password Protected Documents article.

Fill Out Document

Select the Fill In and Sign icon to Fill In or Sign the form.

Copy Document

• Select the Copy icon to duplicate a file.

The duplicated file will appear as the last document within that Requirement. You may then select the Label icon to rename the file.

Duplicate files may be necessary in the case of multiple applicants.

Rename Documents

Select the Label icon on any uploaded document to change the name.

Please note: You may not change the name of pre-loaded documents.


Download Document

• Select Download button alongside any document to download it.

• Locate the downloaded file on your computer where your browser is set to save internet downloads.


Delete Document

• Select the Trash icon to delete a document.


Select the Comment icon in order to make a comment. Recipients will be notified by email and there will be an indicator of a new comment within their Requirement view.