Select thebutton, within any Requirement, to upload additional documents to the Requirement.

• Once you've clicked on the Upload button, you will see an Add Document to Requirement pop up box appear.


Within this window, click on the Drop files here to upload, or click to browse box to open the Explorer window (on a PC), or the Finder window (on a Mac), and search for the file(s) on your computer to upload.

You may also drag a document from your computer to the icon and it will upload the document directly. 

You can also see the documents in your Library listed on the bottom of the pop up window.  Click on the Attach button to upload the document to the Requirement section.

Please note: BoardPackager cannot accept password-protected documents at this time. Kindly remove any password protection before uploading to the system. If you'd like more information about how to remove passwords from documents, please see our Password Protected Documents article.


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