Only a package creator, or brokers who have been invited into the application, have the ability to assign fees in the 3. Fees/Submit section of the package. It will list the fees which are due upon submission of your application, as shown the building cover letter. These fees must be authorized online with a payment card, as per property management's rules.

Assign Fees

• Fee Name: The type of fee being charged by the building

 Payor: This party typically responsible for paying the fee

• Amount: The amount due. Please note: Some fees are conditional based on the number of applicants, number of rooms, etc. In this case you must manually enter the amount into the orange box. In the example above, if there were two co-purchasers, the amount to enter would be $150. Once you have entered an amount, you will see "<Calculate Amount to Assign" change into a dropdown menu.

• Assignee: The name of the deal party who should pay the fee. Select the correct party's name from the dropdown menu. Please note: You will not see a deal party's name appear if they have not yet been invited into the application. Please ensure you have first invited the party if you wish to assign them a fee.

• Payment StatusThe payment status will list one of three status types:

:: "Need to Assign" indicates that the fee still needs to be assigned to a party.
:: "Authorized" indicates that the assignee has successfully authorized, and a hold on their card has been approved by their payment card company for future collection by property management.
:: "Collected" indicates the fee has been officially collected by property management (after submission), and the assignee will see charges made on their account.

Notify Assignee(s) to Pay Fees

Click this button after you have selected assignee names from the dropdown menus, and entered any fee amounts if orange boxes are present. A notification email will be sent to each assignee, informing them that their fees are ready to be authorized

Reset Fees

 A Reset Fees button will appear above the Fees table after you've notified assignees to pay fees. Click this button if you realize there was an error in either the amount of a fee, assigned to the wrong person or any other instance where fees need to be corrected. Please note that resetting fees will cancel all current authorizations, so parties who have previously authorized their fees will need to re-authorize. This will not result in a double charge, since authorizations are only holds placed on the card until after the application is submitted and property management collects the funds, which they will only do once.


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