A Reset Fees button will appear above the Fees table after you've notified assignees to pay fees.

Click this button if you realize there was an error in either the amount of a fee, assigned to the wrong person or any other instance where fees need to be corrected.

Please note that resetting fees will cancel all current authorizations, so parties who have previously authorized their fees will need to re-authorize.

This will not result in a double chargesince authorizations are only holds placed on the card until after the application is submitted and property management collects the funds, which they will only do once.

Important Notes

  • Only the Package Creator and/or any Agent of the deal may Reset Fees
  • If the package has been submitted to property management, additional steps will need to be taken:
    • If property management hasn't collected or rejected the fees
      • Click the Withdraw from Package Processor(s) button
      • Proceed to Reset Fees
    • If property management has rejected the fees


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