Review Individual Requirements

Select the Preview or Download icon, to the right of the document name, in order to quickly review and ensure accurate completion of the document/form.

Select the Fill In and Sign iconif you'd like to make any edits, corrections or adjustments to the document/form.


Move the Unlocked toggle switch to Locked for each section when all information is complete and meets your approval. This button is located in the upper right corner within each requirement. 

Please note: You can always Unlock a Locked Requirement by moving the toggle back to the left. You must Lock each requirement before generating the complete application package.

Generate Package

Once you’ve Locked all of the requirements, select the Generate Package in order to create the complete application package, with table of contents, dividers, etc., that will be submitted to the Package Processor(s).

Once the package has been generated, you can always look at the fully completed package by clicking on the View & Print button on the right side menu bar.