There are two formats to use when completing documentation.

The Sign & Edit is one of them, and is used for adding signatures, custom text fields, highlighting, and redacting. These additions may be added to any document within the platform - including your own uploaded forms!

Please see below for how to access it.

First, ensure that you are within the document you wish to edit

Select the Sign & Edit button towards the top of your screen (previewed below)

Click on the Tool that you wish to use, and then click on the document where you'd like it to appear.

The Tools that will show up (previewed above) include:

  • Sign
  • Overlay Text
  • Highlight
  • Redact

Clicking on any of the above-mentioned tools will enable you to use them and edit any previously added additions.

Please keep in mind that the markings from these tools will become invisible if you switch to the Fill Out Form view.


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