Use this tool to create a digital signature.

Click on the Sign button to bring up the Add Signature box.

You have two options to create a signature.  

You can use the Type option to type in your name and produce a script signature.

Once you've entered your name, you can click on the Add button and this will allow you to place your signature on the document.

If you choose the Sign option, you can draw your signature in the dark grey box.

In the grey box, left-click and drag the cursor around to create a digital signature.  Click on the Clear button, located right beneath the dark grey box, to redo your signature.

Once you've created a desired signature, click OK. You will then be able to place the signature on the document/form.

Click and drag the signature if you would like to re-position it.

To resize the signature, click and drag any of the orange circles in the corners of the outlined box.

Click on the X in the upper right corner of the box to remove the signature from the document.

• If you'd like to remove a previously placed signature, please select the Sign tool and when the Add Signature box appears, click thebutton, which will then allow you to view the placed signature(s) on the document.  Proceed to remove the signature(s) by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the box.

Keep in mind, after you've created a desired signature, the system stores it as the last saved signature.  The next time you click on the Sign button, you can add the same signature by clicking on the Add Last Used Signature button on the lower left side of the box.