On the 2. Requirements page of the package, if the requirement section is complete, please click on the Reviewing button, located in the upper right corner of each requirement section, and that will move it to the Finished position.

When you have moved all of the Reviewing/Finished buttons in your package to the Finished position, you will then see the Generate Package pop up window appear.

Proceed to click on the Generate Package button, which will compile all of the Requirement sections into a fully complete digital application package, including the Table of Contents and all dividers.

• Once the package has been generated, you will see the View & Print and Update Package button become active on the right hand side of the page.


• The Update Package button allows for you to make changes to your package and update the final digital application package so your Package Processor can see the changes on their end.   

• The View and Print button allows you to open the full digital application package so that you can review it in it's final form at any time.


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