The 3. Fees/Submit page is where fees can be assigned to, and authorized by, the package participants. You can also submit the package here once you are ready. 

A. Assign Fees 

This table lists all the fee(s) due upon submission, the party responsible for each fee, the amount of the fee, the assignee, and the status of whether the assignee has authorized the fee yet. 

For instructions on how to set up and assign the fees, click here.

For instructions on how to authorize fees that are assigned to a party, click here.

B. Submit Package 

This table lists the Property Manager(s) who are responsible for reviewing your package. 

The Submit to Package Processor(s) button will remain inactive until the package is generated in the 2. Requirements page, and all fees are authorized.

For instructions on how to generate the application package, click here.

Once the package has been successfully submitted, you will see the Withdraw from Package Processor(s) button appear:

If you need to withdraw the package from the Package Processor(s), click on this button. The Submit to Package Processor(s) will reappear so you can submit again when ready.


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