Once an Application Package has been initiated, it will open and you will be in the 1. Deal Parties section of the package.

The top portion requires some basic details about the transaction.

In the middle portion, add information for the participants in this transaction by clicking on the Name drop down for the respective role of that individual.

If you need an additional role, for example a co-buyer, you can simply click on the add icon and that will add an additional role to the middle section.

If you need to remove an additional role, you can click on the delete iconand that will remove the additional role entry.

Please note: You must include email addresses of parties you plan to invite into the package. You cannot use the same email address for multiple parties; f you must list the same party twice, leave the email field blank for one of their entries. 

The bottom portion lists the Package Processor(s).  This list is pre-set and these are the individual(s), from the Property Management, who will potentially review your application package once it's submitted.

You must click on Save, or Save and Continue, whenever you add, edit or remove any information on the Deal Parties page.  You will lose all recent edits if you do not save on this page.

For instructions with the 2. Requirements tab, please click here for the support article. 


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