The 2. Requirements page lists all of the requirements for the application in the exact order, with the documents and forms that the Property Management requires. 

Each document in a requirement section has several icons to the right of the document name:

• Select the Fill In and Sign icon to open the document to fill in, edit and/or sign.  Once you've opened the document, feel free to click here for instructions on how to use our tools and to fill in the document/form.

Select the Edit Label icon on any uploaded document to change the name.

Please note: You may not change the name of pre-loaded documents.

Select the Copy Document icon to duplicate a file.

Duplicate files may be necessary in the case of multiple applicants.


Select Preview or Download icon to preview the current state of the document and to download it if needed.

Locate the downloaded file on your computer where your browser is set to save internet downloads.


Select the Delete Form icon to delete a document.


Click the Upload button in the lower left corner of each section to upload documents from your computer into the requirement section.

• Once you've clicked on the Upload button, you will see an Add Document to Requirement pop up box appear.


Click on the Drop files here to upload or click to browse box to open the Explorer window (on a PC), or the Finder window (on a Mac), and search for the file(s) on your computer to upload.

You may also drag a document from your computer directly into the box.

You can also see the documents in your Library listed in the bottom of the pop up window.  Click on the Attach button to upload the document to the Requirement section.

Please note: BoardPackager cannot accept Excel files or password-protected documents. If you'd like more information about how to remove passwords from documents, please see our Password Protected Documents article.

Finished/Reviewing Button

Initially, the Finished/Reviewing toggle button is in the Reviewing position.

After you have reviewed a requirement, and deem that it's complete and done, click on the Reviewing button and it will move to the Finished position.

• If you are a broker and have marked a section as Finished, you prevent all other participants from further editing documents in the section. If a document needs editing, you can always click the Finished button again to revert it to Reviewing mode. 

• Additionally, when you have Finished all of the requirements, the system will ask you if you'd like to Generate Package, which is a necessary step toward submission. 

Proceed to click on the Generate Package button, which will compile all of the requirements into a single package file, including the Table of Contents and dividers.

• Once the package has been generated, you will see the View & Print and Update Package buttons become active on the upper right side of the screen.


• If you end up going back and editing any requirement sections, ensure you mark all sections as Finished again, and click Update Package to re-compile the package with your new changes.

• The View and Print button allows you to open the full digital application package so that you can review it in it's final form at any time.


After you've invited participants into the package, you will be able to communicate with them through the Comments Area by clicking on the Comments icon  in the lower right corner of each section.

Once you've clicked on the icon, you will see a messaging box expand below.

You can proceed to click on the Select Person icon , which will provide a drop down list of the participants you can choose to communicate with.

After selecting the participant(s), you can proceed with typing in your comment.  

Once complete, click on Post button and this will leave the comment for the participant(s) when they are viewing the requirement.  In addition, an email notification will be sent to the participant(s) notifying them that a comment was posted to them.

Keep in mind, when the Package Processor(s) needs any corrections or edits to be done to a submitted package, they will use the Comments Area to communicate the correction to you.  You can then follow the instructions here on how to update your package with the newly made corrections or edits.

Sharing & Permissions

Please see our Sharing & Permissions article for instructions on inviting parties into the package.

Please note: You must enter AT LEAST a full name and email address in the Deal Parties page, so that they appear in the Sharing & Permissions section, and to potentially invite them to the package.


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