When logged into your account, your current packages will appear at the bottom of your Dashboard

If you need to begin a new package, search for the address in the Buildings tab, and click Apply Online on the building page. 

After opening a package, you will be on the 1. Deal Parties section. Here you can enter building and deal party information into the form fields. 

  • You must enter the parties' email addresses if you plan to invite them into the package, and always click Save. 
  • You cannot enter duplicate email addresses, so ensure that every party has a unique email address in their field. 

Next is the 2. Requirements section. On the right side of this screen is the Sharing & Permissions area, where you will see the names of any parties you added in the 1. Deal Parties section. View these instructions for how to invite parties into your package.

The 2. Requirements section is also where all of the application forms are contained.
You can click each form title to open them up for editing. Here is a helpful guide for using our form editing tools:


The 3. Fees/Submit section is where you can assign fees to parties, and where parties can authorize their fees.

All fees listed in this area of the package must be paid online with a payment card, as per property management's rules. Please note parties must first be invited into the package before you can assign them fees.

Once all parties have filled in/signed all 2. Requirements section forms, you can click the Reviewing button (upper right corner of each section) to mark them as Finished. If you are a broker and marking sections as Finished, you will prevent non-broker parties from further editing forms.

After all sections are Finished, you will be prompted to Generate Package, which will create a preview of the entire package file.

After you have generated the package, and after all fees are authorized, you will be able to click the Submit to Package Processors button at the bottom of the 3. Fees/Submit section, and then the package will go to the property manager's account for review.


Still unsure about the process? One of our BoardPackager Specialists is available to complete and submit your entire package for you! Visit https://specialists.boardpackager.com/ for more information. 


Click here to access our Complete Guide.