If you been invited into a package but have not received an email invitation, please check the following:

• Ask the party who invited you to ensure your email address is correctly entered in the 1. Deal Parties section. The email invitation will only be sent to the email address that is listed in the Deal Parties field.

• Check your spam, clutter, promotion, etc folders of your email inbox, in case the invite mistakenly went into one of them.

• Ask the party who invited you to re-send the invite.

How to re-send the invite:

• Go to the 2. Requirements section of the package

• Click the orange icon next to party's name on the right sidebar of the screen, in Sharing & Permissions

• Click Remove Share

• Click the now gray icon next to the party's name

• Select the Requirements you wish to share, and click Send

When you share the package with another party, you will receive an email notification stating the invite was successful. If you did not receive this email, please ensure that you have correctly invited the user.

*Please note that whenever a party is invited into the package, an account is automatically created for them using the email address that was entered for the party in the 1. Deal Parties section of the package. 


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