What is a Specialist?

BoardPackager Specialists are extremely familiar with every type of Board application and the entire process involved with completing the package and submitting it to property management. Additionally, we have extensive experience and expertise with the BoardPackager platform.

As a Specialist, our services provide the processing of the entire digital application for you! -- including communication between all deal parties and submission to property management.

Specialist Qualifications

: : Over 1,000 hours of board package training and experience
: : Facilitate communication with property management’s package processors
: : Have expertise in every type of board package [purchase, lease, refinance, etc.]

Services Offered

: : Create, populate, & compile digital board package using BoardPackager
: : Report directly to Package Initiator
: : Liaise directly with all deal parties —including agents, applicants, attorneys, guarantors, etc.
: : Ensure payment of fees digitally*
: : Ensure all documentation is provided and correct*
: : Communicate with property management package processor where needed
: : Ensure submission of the complete board package

We also offer a 'Review Only' option, where one of our Specialists will check a completed application and advise if anything is missing before you send it to property management for the official review.

Purchase a Specialist:
For more information: https://specialists.boardpackager.com


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