Explore all of the tools provided within each individual Requirement Section and learn their functions.

Fill In & Sign Icon 
• Click to learn all the functions of this icon and how to complete and edit forms and documents.

Copy Document Icon

• This button duplicates the form, giving you an additional blank form for more space to complete extra information. Useful for providing more room for more applicants than the form allows for.

Preview or Download Icon   

This button allows you to preview the form or document, allowing you to see what the completed pages will look like on property management and the Board's perspective.

You may also download the document from the view provided, and/or print it out.

Delete Form Icon

This button permanently deletes the form or document from the application.

Reviewing/Finished Toggle Button  

Click to learn the functionality and importance of these toggle buttons.

Upload Button

 Learn how to upload documentation into the Requirement sections.

Commenting Bubbles

Click to learn how to communicate with users directly through the platform.

Re-position Icon

You may click and drag forms and documents within Requirements in order to re-position them accordingly.

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