There are two formats to use when completing documentation.

The Fill Out Form is one of them, allowing you to tab through and quickly type into the blue fields already laid out for you within the documents. This mode is not always available, in which you will then need to use Overlay Text, as described below.

The Sign & Edit is the other, and is used for adding signatures, custom text fields, highlighting, and redacting. These additions may be added to any document within the platform - including your own uploaded forms!

Once you've opened a document by clicking on the Fill In and Sign icon within any Requirement, you may proceed to fill in, edit, and sign the document - as guided below.

First, ensure you are within the document you wish to fill out.


Fill Out Form Mode

Then - you may use this view to enter text into form fields.

Towards the top of your screen, click on the Fill Out Form button.

Click on the blue (sometimes gray) fields to complete the form.

You may tab from field to field, or select a new field with your mouse/cursor.

*Note - you may only see the typed information in the blue/gray fields within this format.

Meaning - all additions made under the Sign & Edit Mode will become invisible during Fill Out Form Mode


Sign & Edit Mode

Select the Sign & Edit button towards the top of your screen (previewed below)

Click on the Tool that you wish to use, and then click on the document where you'd like it to appear.

The Tools that will show up (previewed above) include:

  • Sign
  • Overlay Text
  • Highlight
  • Redact

Clicking on any of the above-mentioned tools will enable you to use them and edit any previously added additions.



For all tools - please ensure that you have clicked on and are using the Sign & Edit Mode.



Overlay Text Tool

Use this tool to add text anywhere on a document.

If Fill Out Form is not available, you must use the Overlay Text tool to enter text.

Select the Overlay Text button below the format options, then click on the document. 

The Overlay Text Editor appears and you can proceed to enter text into the blue box.  You can change the font type, size, color, and style as needed.

Adjust placement of the text by clicking and dragging from anywhere within the Text Box.

To revise any Text Box on the document, click on anywhere within the chosen Text Box. Make the necessary changes as needed.


Sign Tool

Use this tool to create a digital signature.

Click on the Sign button to bring up the Add Signature box.

You have two options to create a signature.  

You can use the Type option to type in your name and produce a script signature.

Once you've entered your name, you can click on the Add button and this will allow you to place your signature on the document.

If you choose the Sign option, you can draw your signature in the dark grey box.

In the grey box, left-click and drag the cursor around to create a digital signature. If you wish to redo your signature, click on the Clear button.

Once you've created a desired signature, click OK. You will then be able to place the signature on the document/form.

Click and drag the signature if you would like to re-position it.

To resize the signature, click and drag any of the orange circles in the corners of the outlined box.

Click on the X in the upper right corner of the box to remove the signature from the document.

Keep in mind, after you've created a desired signature, the system stores it as the last saved signature.  The next time you click on the Sign button, you can add the same signature by clicking on the Add Last Used Signature button on the lower left side of the box.

Removing Signature(s)

• If you'd like to just remove a previously placed signature, please select the Sign tool and when the Add Signature box appears, click thebutton, which will then allow you to view the placed signature(s) on the document.

Proceed to remove the signature(s) by clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the box.


Highlight Tool

Use this tool to highlight text on a document.

Click on the Highlight button, then click and drag over the text you’d like to highlight.

You can remove the highlight by clicking on the gray X in the upper right corner of the box.



Redact Tool

Use this tool to redact information on a document.

When you click the Redact button, you will have two options to choose from: Blackout or Whiteout.

Once you select the style, you can click and drag over the section you wish to redact.

Click on the gray X to remove the redaction.


Back to Requirements


Requirements Navigator / Form Selector  

At the top right of any document, you will see the Form Selector.

Toggle between the documents in your package by using either the right or left arrows.

Use the down arrow to navigate quickly to another section of the package.


Please keep in mind, all edits made with our tools can be changed at any later time by opening the document and selecting the same tool.  This will show you all edits on that page with the respective tool and allow you to change, make new edits, delete, etc.